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eggshell / яичная скорлупа, хрупкий предмет
имя существительное
яичная скорлупа
хрупкий предмет
имя прилагательное
хрупкий и прозрачный
имя существительное
the thin, hard outer layer of an egg, especially a hen's egg.
It didn't kill birds directly, but it did affect their internal calcium gradients so that all eggshells were too thin and collapsed when the parents incubated them.
While a softer, lemony yellow works well with white, daffodil yellow is too bright, and you'd most likely want to accent it instead with an off-off-white, eggshell , or cream to keep it from being too bright and cold.
The cause of eggshell thinning is likewise poorly understood.
the woodwork was painted in eggshell
It's on the pinky side of white so it could be cream or it could be white eggshell .
When I closed the book the light outside was long beyond Prussian blue and well on its way to eggshell .
If you prefer a less-glossy finish on woodwork, eggshell or satin may be used there as well.
eggshell porcelains
Loafers are the perfect answer to your business attire all year round, but summery loafers come in lighter shades like tan, beige and eggshell , and are more popular in suede rather than regular leather.
pieces of eggshell are being examined to study possible contamination
Frenchman Emile Galle's glass, the gorgeous Rozenberg items in eggshell porcelain and William Moorcrofts's pair of Flamminian Ware vases, like the Mucha works, provide the many highlights of the Blackwell exhibition.