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eggplant / баклажан
имя существительное
eggplant, aubergine, brinjal, guinea squash
имя прилагательное
ovoid, oviform, egg-shaped, eggplant, testiculate
oval, ovate, elliptical, elliptic, olivary, eggplant
в форме яйца
имя существительное
the large egg-shaped fruit of an Old World plant, eaten as a vegetable. Its skin is typically dark purple, but the skin of certain cultivated varieties is white or yellow.
Dip vegetables such as eggplant , fennel, peppers, and even big portobello mushrooms in oil-enriched egg whites, then in seasoned crumbs, and bake in the oven until crusty.
the large plant of the nightshade family that bears the eggplant fruit.
Look for varieties of peppers, eggplant , and okra that are resistant to wilts and other diseases.
Heat-loving crops such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant , sweet potatoes, okra and New Zealand spinach will continue to produce until frost.
The stuffed eggplant was slightly undercooked, but the flavours of cheese and herbs were delightful.
He also encourages them to employ Mediterranean ingredients like rosemary, garlic, tomatoes and eggplant to bring out the fruit flavors of red wines.
It's not too late to set out plants of cucumber, eggplant , peppers, tomatoes, and squash.
Start seeds of vegetables like onion, leek, pepper, eggplant and tomato now.
I think one wall painted in eggplant would be striking, especially if balanced with white or cream.
Some of them also work on mite or thrips outbreaks on roses, strawberries, fruit trees, cucurbits, eggplant and other garden plants.
There's an agreeably balanced salad of grilled eggplant , tomato, spinach, and chèvre.
I had tofu lasagna, and Tara had a fantastic stuffed eggplant .
Tender carrots marinated in cinnamon, roasted beets in vinaigrette, and fried eggplant are all good.