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egg / яйцо, яйцеклетка, зародыш
имя существительное
egg, ovum
egg, ovum, ovule
fetus, embryo, germ, nucleus, egg, foetus
имя прилагательное
egg, fight, hallow, egg on, halloo
instigate, incite, encourage, abet, goad, egg
смазывать яйцом
имя существительное
an oval or round object laid by a female bird, reptile, fish, or invertebrate, usually containing a developing embryo. The eggs of birds are enclosed in a chalky shell, while those of reptiles are in a leathery membrane.
When most birds incubate eggs , the females often produce high levels of prolactin, a hormone involved in parental behavior.
a person possessing a specified quality.
she was a good egg
urge or encourage someone to do something, especially something foolish or risky.
The man looked sick, but people around him were egging him on , encouraging him.
egg and dart moulding
the biography portrays him as a thoroughly bad egg
Dealing with a really bad egg , Wilson said, gobbles up time.
Place sweetbreads on plate and top with poached quail egg .
I had a fried goose egg for lunch.
Her husband was the bad egg in the family.
she was a good egg
I had bacon, sausage, beans, tomatoes, a fried egg , bread and butter and a huge mug of steaming hot coffee; this comes top of my all time favourite meals.
Larval fish break open their egg with their tail and swim free.
egg sandwich