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effortless / легкий, не требующий усилий, естественный
имя прилагательное
easy, light, lightweight, slight, mild, effortless
не требующий усилий
effortless, facile
natural, native, effortless, free, inartificial, unconstrained
имя прилагательное
requiring no physical or mental exertion.
went up the steps in two effortless bounds
He succeeds in conveying the contradictions of his character with a natural, seemingly effortless ability.
Switchgear and controls are old-style, but totally effortless to use.
And after a great day in the sunshine city, thousands had an effortless journey to Old Trafford on the Metrolink.
Ascending and descending needs to appear to be effortless and natural.
If we ensure these few things, working with our computers becomes an effortless and satisfactory experience.
Detractors raise an eyebrow even at that rating, while fans claim it is the apogee of shabby chic and effortless elegance.
Angela couldn't help but admire the woman's effortless grace as she strode away.
But when he meets her, her effortless charisma leads him to hire her as a dancer.
It seems that going smoke-free in Canada is neither an effortless nor an inexpensive initiative.
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