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effluent / поток, сточные воды, сток
имя существительное
flow, stream, flux, current, flood, effluent
сточные воды
wastewater, sewage, effluent
effluent, sink, drainage, discharge, outlet, channel
имя прилагательное
effluent, ensuing, oozing, excurrent
имя существительное
liquid waste or sewage discharged into a river or the sea.
the bay was contaminated with the effluent from an industrial plant
If the farm allows effluent into the river, then the fishery suffers due to increased costs of water purification.
Treated effluent is still discharged into Maguires Creek, the Richmond River and the Pacific Ocean.
Farmers are now aware that silage effluent is highly polluting.
Something similar happened when pig-farm effluent got into a river in Carolina in the US.
industrial effluent
We are well aware that to discharge untreated effluent into a water course is illegal and unacceptable.
But we can't go on trying to deal with effluent and waste and toxins without putting in resources.
The effluent contains a variety of industrial wastes but no estimate of their pollutional load is available.
If effluent enters the river, bacteria use this food to multiply.
There were also 61 oil spills and 54 leaks of minerals and trade effluent .