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effigy / изображение, объемный портрет
имя существительное
picture, image, icon, representation, depiction, effigy
объемный портрет
имя существительное
a sculpture or model of a person.
coins bearing the effigy of Maria Theresa of Austria
the senator was burned in effigy
Perched atop a rocky pedestal sits a demonic looking clay statue, an effigy of the devil; complete with real rams horns and a human-hair goatee beard.
The effigy on her tomb in the abbey shows her beauty and is remarkable for its attention to detail.
coins bearing the effigy of Maria Theresa of Austria
a tomb effigy of Eleanor of Aquitaine
There are late medieval sculpted monuments in the cathedral, as well as the altar tomb effigy of Bishop Wellesley who died in 1539.
After the public procession, the effigy is buried, destroyed, or abandoned in the forest.
Some of the protesters burnt an effigy of the Health Minister.
The tomb effigy , the memorial portrait, and the death mask approach a condition of perfect substitutability for the irrevocably absent object, the once-living body.
angry campaigners plan to burn an effigy of the social security minister