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efficiency / эффективность, производительность, оперативность
имя существительное
efficiency, effectiveness, performance, efficacy, potency, punch
performance, productivity, capacity, output, efficiency, productiveness
efficiency, operativeness
имя существительное
the state or quality of being efficient.
greater energy efficiency
As a consequence, the Senate began to act with new efficiency and effectiveness.
The initial goal of the reformers was to achieve greater economic efficiency through the rapid privatization of all state-owned assets.
He spends most of his time assessing quality and efficiency at the plant.
Many options that improve energy efficiency are available.
Increased productivity and efficiency in business today depend on the appliance of science.
Many laboratories have been quite successful in examining the efficiency of their operations.
For us, it is important to increase efficiency , effectiveness and transparency in budgeting.
As the amount of glass used in a house increases, the energy efficiency usually decreases.
greater energy efficiency
The recuperator recovers energy from the exhaust gases to increase fuel efficiency .