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efficacious / эффективный, действенный, производительный
имя прилагательное
effective, efficient, efficacious, effectual
efficient, efficacious, effectual, forceful, operative, telling
productive, generative, producive, efficacious, procreant
имя прилагательное
(typically of something inanimate or abstract) successful in producing a desired or intended result; effective.
the vaccine has proved both efficacious and safe
History and theory show that the use of naked government aggression is not a moral or efficacious way of dealing with poverty.
No difference was noted concerning one tradition being more powerful or efficacious than any other.
We want to know that what we do is not merely efficacious but right.
It will prove efficacious to plant trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants in the autumn because they will get their roots down faster during their first wet winter.
It may not mean that the ultimate result is not efficacious .
During this era, biological discovery is accelerating, resulting in the development of safer and more efficacious drugs.
When contemporary arts are produced for an international market, they can still be efficacious .
This brings us to another question: are we using our existing personnel in the most efficient and efficacious way?
This process has resulted in the designation of many psychotherapy treatments as being efficacious .
The vaccine was presumed to be safe and efficacious .