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effete / слабый, изнеженный, истощенный
имя прилагательное
weak, weakly, low, feeble, faint, effete
effeminate, effete, sybaritic, girlish, sissified, ladylike
depleted, exhausted, emaciated, knackered, impoverished, effete
имя прилагательное
(of a person) affected, overrefined, and ineffectual.
effete trendies from art college
The security of my men and the stability of my prison was at stake, and now, I had to deal with this bleeding-heart, liberal, academic, effete dingdong who was concerned about the independent variable!
The aristocracy are slightly unreal and living in an effete world.
A general reading of school textbooks would convince one that the Mughal rulers were all weak, effete and full of vices.
They saw us with our floppy fringes and effete mannerisms and went mental.
Tomes have been written on how, in late 18 th-century France, an effete and ineffectual monarchy was replaced by the tyranny of the sans-culottes and the bloodlust of the Committee for Public Safety.
But if losing the Heineken European Cup annoyed the Catalans, then losing the final of the French championships last June to a bunch of effete Parisians made them really sore.
You know better than anyone that such obituaries issue from effete societies.
Europe is weak and effete , a bunch of ingrates who have turned their backs on us after we bailed them out during WWII.
The aged West has grown rather effete and prefers to avoid ideological confrontation.
The effete middle class Oxonian dullards despise him as much for being a working class man with big ideas about himself, who insists on speaking in complete sentences and making sense, as for his politics.