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efface / стирать, вычеркивать, изглаживать
wash, erase, wear, wear off, obliterate, efface
cross out, delete, strike out, cross off, scratch, efface
obliterate, efface, rase, raze
erase (a mark) from a surface.
with time, the words are effaced by the frost and the rain
make oneself appear insignificant or inconspicuous.
As author, she effaces herself absolutely in order to reflect and depict the story of Narcissus.
Even so, this ambivalence about the redemptive value of art does not efface the authorial voice of the film.
Some literary critics have argued that interactivity will efface literature itself.
And rather than rely on imaginary resolutions that efface conflicts and contradictions, they aim to deal with the concrete particularity of the other in her unique and unrepeatable situation.
to efface oneself is not the easiest of duties which the teacher can undertake
The concern with keeping everything ‘smooth and quiet’ in the novel, no matter what the social cost, presents white Southern life as determined to efface the rights of all African Americans.
Davis, however, looks for an English equivalent that might work in both contexts, so as not to efface their suggestive interconnection.
To subordinate the essentially cinematic as he does is itself a technique of ineffable skill; and to efface his signature as a director from the style of a film argues a modest purity of aim that is refreshing.
nothing could efface the bitter memory
The result is an important challenge to the new historicist tendency to efface the literary dimensions of early modern poetry.
In this way, Morrison implies that the traumatic impact of slavery can never be fully effaced .