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educated / образованный, развитой, дрессированный
имя прилагательное
educated, cultured, literate, read, informed, well-educated
developed, mature, educated, cultivated, cultured
trained, performing, educated
имя прилагательное
having been educated.
a Harvard-educated lawyer
give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to (someone, especially a child), typically at a school or university.
she was educated at a boarding school
By using this guide, students can grasp an understanding of the complexity of professional nursing today and use this information to make an educated decision.
In their discussion of the debate they provide what women to date have sadly lacked, the information with which to make educated decisions for themselves.
He spits truth, struggle and pain but in such an educated and wisely put manner.
The organisers stalwartly voiced their blunt, yet highly educated opinions in the ever-present media.
It's understood as a mark of educated cultivation, not wilful indulgence or evasion.
If you don't understand that, chances are you are not operating from a viewpoint educated on the subject.
However, the study found that in many cases persons from outside a village have been selected as teachers despite educated and willing persons available in the village.
The patient must be given enough information to allow for an educated and reasoned healthcare decision.
This time his tongue tickled a greater variety of refined, abstract words from his mouth, while speaking in an educated , urbane manner.
An educated choice requires the following information to help parents take responsibility for their own child's health care.