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edition / издание, выпуск, тираж
имя существительное
edition, publication, issue, impression
issue, edition, output, issuance, outlet, emission
circulation, edition, draw, run, printing, impression
имя существительное
a particular form or version of a published text.
a paperback edition
the total number of copies of a book, newspaper, or other published material issued at one time.
Purloined, which was published in an edition of 750 numbered copies, isn't an easy book to read.
a particular version or instance of a regular program or broadcast.
the Monday edition will be repeated on Wednesday afternoons
This edition was published in paperback this year.
The study is published in the online edition of the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
This is the 26th edition of the BBC Children in Need telethon.
The edition size is 911 with 89 publisher's proofs, bringing the total edition to 1,000.
This 2003 paperback edition is published on the eve of the 30th anniversary of this war and should be rediscovered by a variety of military readers.
Feature stories will not be published in the online edition .
Otherwise, each would have to have been numbered from a total edition of 410.
The most significant of these reports was an item on the October 25 edition of Channel Four television's flagship seven o'clock news programme.
they released a special edition of the perfume
The director general Greg Dyke had to apologise for the anti-American sentiments expressed by the studio audience in an edition of the programme shortly after the Manhattan and Pentagon bombings.