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edit / редактировать, отредактировать, монтировать
edit, redact, blue-pencil, red-pencil
mount, install, assemble, edit, fit, cut
имя существительное
mounting, assembling, assembly, montage, erection, edit
редакционная статья
editorial, edit
prepare (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.
Volume I was edited by J. Johnson
be editor of (a newspaper or magazine).
He was a writer, philosopher and political activist, and edited several newspapers and magazines.
имя существительное
a change or correction made as a result of editing.
When he started in TV news, crews edited news reports on film stock, prompting fewer edits and a slower visual pace.
a rough edit of some delightful Javanese gamelan music
Kennedy becomes the first woman to edit a national newspaper in Ireland and only the fourth editor of the Irish Times in 40 years.
Over the years I've used all kinds of software but a lot of the time I use my computer to edit text.
Yet, she managed to edit a community newspaper in Chennai for a brief period.
Although it uses an XML language format, the code will be pretty familiar to anyone who has worked with HTML to edit web pages.
I'd rather not have to edit the history file manually, which seems to be the only way I know to cover my tracks.
Two years in the Serengeti and 600 hours of footage later, Downer and his team had to edit a film which matched Nye's script.
It gives you the opportunity to edit together your own version of three scenes.
Theoretically, it is possible to shoot and edit a whole programme, in a matter of 2 days, for less than £1,000.
he began to edit the magazine in 1923