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edifying / назидательный
имя прилагательное
didactic, edifying, schoolmarmish, edificatory, homiletic
имя прилагательное
providing moral or intellectual instruction.
edifying literature
instruct or improve (someone) morally or intellectually.
But there are some who desire to know that they may edify others, and that is praiseworthy; and there are some who desire to know that they themselves may be edified, and that is wise.
His introductions and translations are scholarly, edifying , and link the mind with the heart.
It would also have been edifying if Gonzales' opponents had recognized the possibility that information obtained through aggressive interrogation can save lives.
Speakers, dance companies, musical groups, lecturers, and vaguely edifying entertainments made the rounds; it was hugely successful.
The way I propose here is to consider how the biblical writers themselves dealt with difficult texts, that is, how they handled elements of the tradition which they could no longer accept as ethical or edifying .
It was here that the monk spent much of the day reading and meditating on Scripture and other edifying texts.
And in the interim, we thank him for this edifying initial look at his team's intriguing and very promising project.
It's nice to have a mayor who has enough confidence in people to ask them to be serious about their city and know that the answers they give will be edifying , not small-minded.
But we know that this claim, although edifying , is not really true.
Most of them could find nothing pleasing or edifying in its use.
The results are edifying as neither expectation is borne out.