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edifice / здание, сооружение, доктрина
имя существительное
building, house, structure, edifice, construction, fabric
construction, structure, building, facility, installation, edifice
doctrine, teaching, edifice, tenet, formula, ism
имя существительное
a building, especially a large, imposing one.
Residential buildings and public edifices were built on a far larger scale than in previous years.
a complex system of beliefs.
the concepts on which the edifice of capitalism was built
the concepts on which the edifice of capitalism was built
The war on terror was founded on an edifice of illusions that virtually no one in the US policy community questioned.
For a very brief moment the edifice of post-cold war global capitalism looked as if it was gazing over a very steep precipice.
So the explanation comes and the whole edifice crumbles.
The entire edifice of opera subsidy, supposedly designed to make opera accessible, has had to rely instead on a private company.
Among the core fantasies on which the entire edifice rests is the belief that something called True Love exists.
Poverty and wars are becoming the order of the world threatening to demolish the very edifice patriarchal capitalism strives to protect.
It is an imposing edifice , a mock temple based on the classical Greek model, with a fine pediment and no fewer than six columns.
It serves as the local church now, and it's a little disconcerting to see the homely parish notices posted up in such an imposing edifice .
We need to recognize the defects of the old system and throw it out, before the entire edifice of any justice in Indian society collapses.