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edict / указ, эдикт
имя существительное
decree, edict, ordinance, ukase, fiat, enactment
имя существительное
an official order or proclamation issued by a person in authority.
Another step forward was the progressive declarations of invalidity extended to certain laws, decrees, and edicts issued in Stalin's time.
You can issue an edict to cut taxes, which really helps boost your population's happiness.
On 12 February 1912 an edict of abdication was issued on behalf of the child Emperor.
That apparently was too much for the Taliban government, which then issued its edict .
Word of this soon reached the British top brass, who sent down an official edict ordering that the practice cease immediately.
The word bull is still used in English for a Papal Bull, an edict issued by the Pope.
He issued an edict that there will be no flight training at any of the Chicago-owned airports.
An edict was issued to this effect and by 1636, France had a navy of nearly 40 ships.
An imperial edict against infanticide was issued by Valentinian in 374- making an exception for the very poor.
Clovis issued an edict protecting Church property
Finally he issued an edict , prohibiting the smoking of tobacco throughout the New Netherlands.