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edging / окантовка, обрамление, кайма
имя существительное
framing, edging, setting, framework
border, bordure, fringe, hem, edging, edge
имя существительное
a thing forming an edge or border.
the crocheted edging of the cloth
provide with a border or edge.
the pool is edged with paving
move gradually, carefully, or furtively in a particular direction.
she tried to edge away from him
give an intense or sharp quality to.
the bitterness that edged her voice
ski with one's weight on the edges of one's skis.
Although it seems like skating uphill requires more edging , more pushing back and lots of grunting, focus on forward motion of your core and maximizing glide.
Critics of edging tiles claimed they were difficult to keep upright and in a straight line and were concerned about their durability.
the crocheted edging of the cloth
If you like, an edging trowel will give you a nice bullnose finish on your corners.
They swooped down and circled around her, wrapping themselves in her curls and playing with the lace edging of her dress.
new edging work has been carried out on the sides of the bank
You can rent a gas powered edging tool if shovelling by hand seems like too much work.
In the United States, Victorian English edging tiles appear to have been used chiefly in Savannah, Georgia.
The edging for these borders should be selected carefully, not too high to be obstructive, not too low to be a waste of time and absolutely no sharp edges.
When I applied to the council to erect a gravestone, I was amazed that we were not allowed to place any edging stones around the grave.
But if you have loose soil, consider using landscape timbers or another edging material to hold everything in place.