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edgeways / боком, острием, краем
sideways, sidelong, sideward, edgewise, sidewards, edgeways
edgewise, edgeways
edgewise, edgeways
an electric fan is quieter heard edgeways on than from in front or behind
That made him nervous, and he turned edgeways to keep an eye on him.
To minimise distortion, long cylindrical objects should be quenched vertically, flat sections edgeways and thick sections should enter the bath first.
It involves digging and pickax work, as well as delicate handiwork, like carefully splitting open shales edgewise to reveal the fossils that have been trapped between the pages of rocks pasted together.
In cloisonné enamelling cells, or cloisons, are built up on a thin sheet of metal by attaching metal wire or fine strips of metal fixed edgewise .