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eddy / вихрь, водоворот, маленький водоворот
имя существительное
vortex, swirl, whirlwind, whirl, eddy, curl
whirlpool, swirl, maelstrom, vortex, eddy, whirligig
маленький водоворот
крутиться в водовороте
кружиться в водовороте
swirl, eddy
eddy, curl, wreathe
имя существительное
a circular movement of water, counter to a main current, causing a small whirlpool.
A strong flow in the middle of the channel breaks into whirlpools and back eddies along both sides.
(of water, air, or smoke) move in a circular way.
the mists from the river eddied around the banks
an eddy of chill air swirled into the carriage
Despite fierce ebb tides causing the river to swirl and eddy they maintained stationary.
I'm seized by a mighty whirlpool, a perilous eddy of words which sucks me under, deeper and deeper.
The bank at this point stood over a slow swirling eddy of water about 18 inches deep.
We drifted past a pair of mergansers, treading water in a streamside eddy .
But it was hard to forget when every eddy of wind out of the east brought the smell of mud and the gleeful chuckles of the river.
The view is initially clouded and unfocused by an eddy of mixing cold water and I have to circle to find a clearer view of them.
Reporters eddied around the margins and complained that there was no coffee.
The spiral wave inhibits normal waves, just as eddies in a stream inhibit the smooth flow of water.
I normally avoid any dish with celery in it, but the small, frothing mug of creamy soup was a perfect antidote to the snow eddying outside, a good deal of which had stuck to our hair and coats.