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ecumenical / экуменический, вселенский, всемирный
имя прилагательное
ecumenical, oecumenical, ecumenic
ecumenical, Catholic, oecumenical, ecumenic
world, worldwide, global, universal, ecumenical, mondial
имя прилагательное
representing a number of different Christian churches.
The WCC is an ecumenical body which represents 337 Protestant churches.
The exchange is open to anybody and participants will visit a milk factory, attend an official dinner dance and an ecumenical church service.
He called the first ecumenical church council in 325 to make doctrine uniform throughout the empire.
This is going to be related to our ecumenical commitment.
Laypeople need to better articulate how they balance being Catholic and being ecumenical .
These different views as to the nature of the church represent the most challenging subject in ecumenical discussion.
He wanted to reform the Roman Catholic Church, and he actually had a much more basic ecumenical view of the church.
Since 1975 the material for the week has been prepared by ecumenical groups in different countries.
Nigeria, Ukraine, New Zealand and Germany were among the countries represented by an ecumenical group who stayed in the centre for the New Year.
ecumenical service
It is an ecumenical problem that affects all churches around the globe.