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ecuador / Эквадор
имя существительное
имя существительное
a republic in northwestern South America, on the Pacific coast; population 14,573,100 (est. 2009); capital, Quito; languages, Spanish (official), Quechua.
The other day my wife asked who were the three Ecuadoreans I'd brought back home for lunch.
The menu is more sophisticated than I remember it, although the starters - raw Ecuadorean king prawns with popcorn; oysters baked in horseradish - are exciting rather than appetising.
Some Ecuadoreans speculated he may have flown to the coastal base in Manta, where the US military has a presence.
The obvious solution - give the oil money to the Ecuadoreans without money - runs smack up against paragraph III - 1 of the World Bank's 2003 Structural Adjustment Program Loan.
the capital of Ecuador
The geared-up campaign, which includes powerful herbicides, has destroyed vast coca fields in this key cocaine-producing jungle region near the Ecuadorean border.