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economy-size / экономика размера
имя прилагательное
of a size that offers a large quantity for a proportionally lower cost.
an economy-size container
‘Like a Forest’ is filled out with an economy-size string section produced to sound incredibly dense.
Then, from a utility-kitchen refrigerator, she retrieved and devoured (in exactly what order I don't recall) a container of chicken wings, a combo plate of tacos and an economy-size tub of Velveeta.
I took an economy-size swallow of orange juice.
Now, if this economy-size headache goes away, I will be doing a post-speech analysis.
Empty economy-size shampoo and conditioner bottles into small, squeezable ones that are easier for a child to hold.
Amazingly enough, the herbs necessary were in the duffel bag in gigantic economy-size bottles, so he could make several weeks worth of things taste like chicken before he starved to death.
A few days later, at 2 A.M., he was rousted from sleep by four or five soldiers armed with blankets stuffed with economy-size bars of soap.
And you and I could barely make the payments now without buying the economy-size ketchup!
The only bent knees were those necessitated by the practicalities of squeezing two large economy-sized people into a standard-sized chunk of porcelain.
He wins an economy-sized bottle of something greasy.