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eco-warrior / эко-воин
имя существительное
a person actively involved in preventing damage to the environment.
I am aware that today's most effective eco-warriors all pack cell phones.
From the recycled packaging that wasn't actually necessary in the first place to the oil companies who boast of how environmentally responsible they are, the virtuous rhetoric of the eco-warrior is everywhere.
Meanwhile, the eco-warriors of Greenpeace have issued dire warnings about looting at the Tuwaitha nuclear facility south-east of Baghdad over the past year.
Further north, temporary bridges and haul roads near Rye Loaf hill have already been built where eco-warriors once defied the authorities from a dozen tree-houses in protest against the threat to Bingley Bog.
Also demonstrating were Kurds, trade unionists, eco-warriors , socialists, anarchists and communists.
But the eco-warriors who opposed the controversial second runway can relax.
Later in the series, David meets eco-warriors and an earnest teenage girl who is campaigning against the local chemical plant, which she blames for her brother's death.
The idea that it is not enough for firms to make money for their owners is one that you might expect to be an article of faith among anti-globalists and eco-warriors .
Illustrations for The Monkey Wrench Gang, a 1986 book about a fictional group of eco-warriors , appear alongside autobiographical strips done for The New Yorker.
And they are not the treehugging eco-warriors who spend their Saturdays sweeping up litter on motorways, as one might expect.
Disaffected eco-warriors around the world can now learn the lessons of a decade of resistance from Faslane Peace Camp and other UK protest sites, as a tunnel-builder's guide is published on the internet.