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eco-friendly / экологически чистые
экологически чистый
имя прилагательное
not harmful to the environment.
I use only eco-friendly products
Reduced taxation for eco-friendly products or services can be applied to give market incentives to companies and customers.
Veggie car owners agree that biodiesel is another renewable fuel source, but say it isn't as cost effective or eco-friendly .
These icings are a perfect way to top off your organic desserts or turn your black forest cake into a truly eco-friendly treat.
The thermal properties of eco-friendly glass are also different from the corresponding leaded glasses.
Alternative, eco-friendly recipes for cleaning and beauty products are also offered.
They will speak about the need to become more eco-friendly .
They liked our airports, our hotels and our eco-friendly sustainable Olympic village.
Now you can even get an eco-friendly retirement account through a mainstream financial planner.
Silk can also be made in a non-violent, eco-friendly and sustainable way.
The centre is also outsourcing eco-friendly products in view of the heavy demand for these from locals and tourists.