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eclipse / затмение, потускнение, утрата былого блеска
имя существительное
eclipse, obscuration
tarnish, fogging, eclipse
утрата былого блеска
obstruct, hide, shield, eclipse, occult, buckler
darken, obscure, dim, black out, obfuscate, eclipse
имя существительное
an obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination.
an eclipse of the sun
a phase during which the distinctive markings of a bird (especially a male duck) are obscured by molting of the breeding plumage.
eclipse plumage
(of a celestial body) obscure the light from or to (another celestial body).
as the last piece of the sun was eclipsed by the moon
In optimum weather conditions the annular eclipse is said to be a spectacular sight.
eclipse plumage
Granny viewed the eclipse by projecting the sun's image on to a sheet through her binoculars.
The partial phase of such an eclipse lasts for much longer, some hours.
An annular eclipse of the sun will be visible from Vancouver during the early evening of Monday, June 10.
Further, the rise of British naval power and the continuing eclipse of the Dutch navy during the war meant that Britain was confirmed as a major trading nation and one of the strongest economies of Europe.
Canada also witnesses the entire eclipse as does Central and South America.
Cook's three-year journey was to observe an eclipse and to discover an uncharted continent.
This hypothesis would be supported if unpaired males in breeding plumage were more vigilant than unpaired males in cryptic eclipse plumage.
Juveniles and males in eclipse plumage (from July to September) look like the female.