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echoic / звукоподражательный
имя прилагательное
onomatopoeic, echoic
имя прилагательное
of or like an echo.
Their voices are filtered to sound electronically echoic .
‘Dragonfly’ features the wistful accordion that characterized Amélie and scattered echoic guitars.
There are a plethora of echoic sounds which pupils may brain storm and then use those selected to write poetry.
Accordingly, when encountering an ironic text such as Map's, the reader must first recognize that an ironic utterance is an echoic interpretation (literal or nonliteral) of a preceding proposition.
He spoke, his voice melodic and echoic , ‘She's beautiful, Audrey, just like her mother.’
In addition, Wilson and Sperber also suggest that ironic, echoic utterances share many characteristics with indirect quotations.
Dialogue is always clear, at times, cavernous and echoic (merely how the show was recorded), and mixed very naturally and neutral.
The thief pulled back his hand to smash the glass but heard any eerie echoic voice say,‘I wouldn't do that if I were you’.
Their voices are filtered to sound electronically echoic .
With a little thought, one can make an astonishingly long list of imitative or echoic words.
And at its best, its writing has the lyricism of Keats, the precision of Williams, or the echoic qualities of haiku.