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echo / эхо, отголосок, подражание
имя существительное
echo, reverberation, repercussion, doubling effect, re-echo
echo, backwash, aftersound
imitation, emulation, echo, mock, takeoff
assent, play along, yes, echo
echo, espouse
имя существительное
a sound or series of sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener.
the walls threw back the echoes of his footsteps
a close parallel or repetition of an idea, feeling, style, or event.
his love for her found an echo in her own feelings
a person who slavishly repeats the words or opinions of another.
a play by a defender of a higher card in a suit followed by a lower one in a subsequent trick, used as a signal to request a further lead of that suit by their partner.
a code word representing the letter E, used in radio communication.
(of a sound) be repeated or reverberate after the original sound has stopped.
their footsteps echoed on the metal catwalks
(of an object, movement, or event) be reminiscent of or have shared characteristics with.
a blue suit that echoed the color of her eyes
send a copy of (an input signal or character) back to its source or to a screen for display.
for security reasons, the password will not be echoed to the screen
(of a defender) play a higher card followed by a lower one in the same suit, as a signal to request one's partner to lead that suit.
имя существительное
a nymph deprived of speech by Hera in order to stop her chatter, and left able only to repeat what others had said.
The contingencies of the voyage-in-progress had to be made to echo the events of the original voyage, or they would receive no airtime.
If the server were to echo the download requests, the target machine would enter an endless loop which could tie up its resources and from which the only escape is a re-boot.
The sound mix adds more reverberant echo to Vaughan's voice once the entirety of the space and the physical relations within it have been revealed.
The intruders' violent ends echo the combativeness with which Trebor dealt with the world around him.
On Tuesday some other disappointed chairman will echo his words.
How many can echo his words ‘It's a joy getting up each morning for work’?
I predict the series finale will echo Seinfeld's last episode, in which the show's creators finally forced us to see Seinfeld and his gang as petty and brutish and not funny at all.
In a vague echo of '60s counterculture and New Age platitudes, these crusades are likened to the sacred quest for human freedom.
Think lots of reverb, echo , and all-out intergalactic noise accompanying traditional reggae beats and vocals.
The latter term evokes a distant echo to disgust, a moral revulsion that verges on physical recoil.