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echelon / эшелон, звено, инстанция
имя существительное
element, echelon, member, nexus
instance, echelon
располагать уступами
имя существительное
a level or rank in an organization, a profession, or society.
the upper echelons of the business world
a formation of troops, ships, aircraft, or vehicles in parallel rows with the end of each row projecting further than the one in front.
From the phalanx to the legion, from the tercio to l' ordre mixte, from the panzer division to fronts in echelon , conventional warfare has featured coherent formations, each trying to break the other.
arrange in an echelon formation.
the echeloning of fire teams
As planned, we moved the formation to starboard echelon and tried to re-enter for the break.
He was assigned to a section attached to the rear echelon of the Scots Guards.
the rear echelon
there are two planes, lying in echelon with one another
Force Delta, which was the sea echelon of the second airborne battle group, left Germany on 26 July and closed on Beirut between 3 and 5 August.
The marines' assault echelon had three hours to offload before tidefall threatened to beach their ships.
the rear echelon
Unlike the defense of Stalingrad, the fronts had a two-echelon operational disposition of forces where tank armies for the first time formed the second echelon .
Let us now consider in more detail defense operation in the tactical echelon .
The second echelon was comprised of an armored division and a corps army aviation brigade.