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ecclesiastic / духовное лицо, священнослужитель
имя существительное
духовное лицо
cleric, ecclesiastic, clerk, divine, confessor
имя прилагательное
church, ecclesiastical, churchly, ecclesiastic, spiritual, clerkly
spiritual, inner, ecclesiastical, moral, sacred, ecclesiastic
имя существительное
a priest or clergyman.
Frequently visited by princes and high ecclesiastics , the monastery soon became famous.
Before the eighteenth century, the former inspired quests for ecclesiastic union, while the latter functioned in the civil sphere.
Italy is the exception, and reveals an unexpected variant of ecclesiastic modernization strategies.
The artists here draw on a legacy that includes ecclesiastic art, church murals, icons and silver crosses to create works in a modern vernacular.
Two churchmen within the diocese of Kildare & Leighlin hold the ecclesiastic title of vicar general.
Froghopping discreetly from soggy new wave to ecclesiastic country twang, Red Sparowes find a way to the beat tedium inherent to their genus - then ride it for so long that… are you paying attention?
Once again, the difference between contemporary Catholic ecclesiastic policies in Italy and France is emblematic.
Article I gives no ecclesiastic powers to the legislature, and gives no formal role for any ecclesiastic authority in the legislative process.
The service itself passed in a blur of kindly faces, murmured condolences and ecclesiastic efficiency.
The city's East Side, where Eastern European immigrants conceived grandiose works of ecclesiastic architecture before moving to neighboring suburbs like West Seneca and Cheektowaga, is inhabited largely by African Americans.
There is no ecclesiastic authority, and I dare say there never will be one dominating ecclesiastical authority over all Pagans and Wiccans.