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eccentricity / эксцентриситет, эксцентричность, оригинальность
имя существительное
eccentricity, quaintness
originality, eccentricity, singularity, distinction
имя существительное
the quality of being eccentric.
The important thing here isn't eccentricity ; it's quality, and that's where this disk scores big.
deviation of a curve or orbit from circularity.
The eccentricity of the planetary orbits is small.
Then, the extrasolar planets orbit much closer to their host stars and have a greater orbital eccentricity than the planets in our solar system.
the eccentricity of his views
Because of the eccentricity of Mercury's orbit, the variation in the proper motion of the Sun would be noticeable to an observer on the planet.
But today the idea of serial killing as a symptom of harmless eccentricity seems somewhat faded.
Halley's Comet has an eccentricity of about 0.9675
From my first encounter with him, I found his eccentricity and charismatic flare to be attractive.
Extent bias did not increase with target eccentricity for concentric movements.
McEwan is younger and more energetic than the previous Marple, Joan Hickson, and this is a good thing: the character's eccentricity can be played more effectively.
The preponderance of French names in those early pioneering days is perhaps not surprising, as eccentricity has always been a hallmark of the French.
But her trademark eccentricity , it seems, sells.