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eccentric / эксцентрик, чудак, оригинал
имя существительное
eccentric, cam, wobbler
eccentric, crank, oddball, freak, weirdo, codger
original, master, eccentric, text, character, oddball
имя прилагательное
eccentric, bizarre, whimsical, queer, erratic, kinky
имя прилагательное
(of a person or their behavior) unconventional and slightly strange.
my favorite aunt is very eccentric
(of a thing) not placed centrally or not having its axis or other part placed centrally.
The foam cells were oval to polygonal with a moderate amount of cytoplasm and central to eccentric small nuclei.
имя существительное
a person of unconventional and slightly strange views or behavior.
he enjoys a colorful reputation as an engaging eccentric
a disc or wheel mounted eccentrically on a revolving shaft in order to transform rotation into backward-and-forward motion, e.g., a cam in an internal combustion engine.
The ends of the ‘jackshaft’ also carry the two eccentrics needed for the operation of the valve gear, in this case of the Gooch type, often confused with the much better-known Stephenson type.
From 1979 until 1999 Pluto was not the outermost planet, its eccentric orbit making Neptune the furthest from the Sun.
The story goes that a local eccentric who built a huge house on the shore complete with caves, underground passages and exotic animals in the grounds, sailed one across the lake during a storm.
I think I'm regarded as harmless and mildly eccentric ; I'm happy with both qualities.
Jane found the twenty-one-year-old Cambridge postgraduate a fascinating and slightly eccentric character and was immediately attracted to him.
There is a very unique contest being backed by an anonymous group of eccentric billionaires.
The shelf life of a true eccentric is not very long in Hollywood.
So I knew his name there and I knew him as a recluse, something to do with Vegas and ultimately an eccentric of some sort with strange stories coming out of many different places.
He became a recluse, and his rare film appearances were overshadowed by tales of his eccentric behaviour on set.
The place is certainly atmospheric, the owner charmingly eccentric .
He gives a smile as he recalls that others have called him eccentric .