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eatery / забегаловка, столовая, закусочная
имя существительное
eatery, caff, hash, noshery, hash house
dining room, canteen, eatery, mess, refectory, cantina
snack-bar, eatery, lunchroom, bar, bistro, tavern
имя существительное
a restaurant or other place where people can be served food.
As with Chinese restaurants, most Indian eateries were community cafes down by the docks.
The eatery was wholly occupied on the weekend night we visited.
Even then, he dreamed about working in the restaurant industry and owning his own eatery .
The eatery is divided into four sections, the bar, cafe, dining room and a small private room.
Villagers have poured in on either side of the debate over whether to allow the new eatery to open next to the existing Evergreen takeaway in Fawley.
Indian consumers have proved to be very attached to the freshly cooked variety, whether homemade or at an eatery .
This eatery is the ultimate contemporary Irish restaurant without the usual high prices.
Dorothy's Diner was the only eatery in town, and exactly where Seth had always taken her on their dates.
We were at Mason's Bistro Bar, the smart eatery that has replaced the Blue Minelle on Fossgate.
Others said that it was an eatery for Freemasons and masters of industry.
After buying her clothes she went to the eatery and sat down for lunch.