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eatable / съедобный, годный в пищу
имя прилагательное
edible, eatable, comestible, esculent, gustable
годный в пищу
edible, esculent, eatable
имя существительное
food, nutrition, meat, diet, nourishment, eatable
имя прилагательное
fit to be consumed as food.
eatable fruits
имя существительное
items of food.
parcels of eatables and gifts
We're running out of arable land, drinkable water, eatable fish.
Fumbwa, another typical Congolese dish, is mainly prepared with a popular variety of eatable leafy vegetable that grows wild in the forest over there.
The only eatable substances left were Joel's spices, that were great when you had food to go along with them.
Several of the men left early to hunt, and the remainder of them shared bits of eatable fruits and beans found in the wild.
We made rolls out of the grains and wrapped them in the eatable parts of the skunk cabbage we gathered.
A bedecked Christmas tree and stalls selling eatables added to the ambience.
Foods and eatables should be covered and properly cooked before eating.
There was an altercation between the activists and a few hawkers who were selling eatables on the issue of payment.
Those with children had to face a lot of problems to arrange eatables .
I have seen lots of plays in the villages, where eatables are supplied to the audience.