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easy-care / легкий в уходе
легкий уход
easy maintenance
имя прилагательное
(chiefly of man-made fabrics) requiring little effort to wash and dry, and typically no ironing.
Rayon blended with polyester makes some wonderful easy-care fabrics.
‘Denim is an easy-care , durable fabric that is comfortable to wear,’ she says.
The 100% polyester sueded microfiber shell has the look and feel of suede with easy-care appeal.
While working at the Department of Agriculture, she developed the easy-care cotton process which resulted in a wrinkle-free fabric.
Rayon blended with polyester makes some wonderful easy-care fabrics.
He was interested in knowing how much I move about while sleeping, in order to make an informed decision on easy-care or Egyptian percale bed linen.
Innovations in colour, easy-care fabrics, and updated styling have brought khakis into every man's wardrobe.
The back-to-school collection is no exception with easy-care blouses from £2.49 and A-line skirts at £6.
Littlewoods do some nice ones in easy-care fabric, I believe.
In the wool area, the company focused on research and development achievements, and featured easy-care , machine-washable wools.
In the formal area, pure cotton, easy-care , no-iron shirtings were highlighted in classic small checks of all kinds as well as stripes.