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easy / легко, удобно, спокойно
easily, easy, light, readily, with ease, lightly
easy, comfortably, cosily, cose, cozily, at one's ease
quietly, calmly, easy, still, gently, tranquilly
имя прилагательное
easy, light, lightweight, slight, mild, gentle
convenient, comfortable, easy, handy, comfy, cozy
free, spare, leisure, loose, easy, vacant
имя прилагательное
achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties.
an easy way of retrieving information
(of a period of time or way of life) free from worries or problems.
promises of an easy life in the New World
without difficulty or effort.
we all scared real easy in those days
be careful.
easy, girl—you'll knock me over!
it's within easy reach of the school
They concluded that the generators would be an easy target for a terrorist attack of enormous consequence.
It's easy to see why the candidates are so eager talk about anything other than marriage.
I'm easy , either way, just so long as we don't have to go back and live in Wales again.
And things aren't always easy for famous people like my dad.
The rally was a new event for everyone and it's not been an easy weekend.
We found this unit relatively easy to use.
It will not be easy for Lin to achieve his aim, but setbacks just seem to spur him on.
Capturing and holding the attention of a classroom for an entire lecture period is no easy task.
We found ourselves standing on a threshold one easy summer evening, looking at the stars.