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eastward / на восток, к востоку, в восточном направлении
на восток
east, eastward, easterly, eastwardly
к востоку
east, to the east, eastward, eastwards, easterly
в восточном направлении
имя прилагательное
Oriental, eastern, east, easterly, eastward, orient
направленный на восток
обращенный на восток
имя существительное
восточное направление
имя прилагательное
in an easterly direction.
they followed an eastward course
toward the east.
the bus rattled its way eastward
имя существительное
the direction or region toward the east.
a squall came from the eastward
Voters in Hungary have agreed to be part of the historic eastward expansion of the European Union, strongly endorsing economic unification with their more developed neighbours to the west.
The stench drifts whenever a strong eastward wind is blowing.
Leaders of the former communist countries awaiting EU membership cheered Ireland's decision to endorse the EU's eastward expansion.
This eastward road ends at a small peaceful bay, but from this village the road turns south across the Northern Mountain Range through a rainforest.
The Antarctic Circumpolar Current, sometimes called the West Wind Drift, circles eastward around Antarctica.
The sand forming these two shoals would ordinarily have been deposited on the East Beach during its eastward drift.
Along the storms' eastward track, avalanches killed two people on Saturday in Utah, authorities said.
Burroughs's specter also told Ann Jr. that he had bewitched a great many soldiers to death at the eastward , when Sir Edmon was there.
Thus Hellenism in its eastward course and Buddhisn in its westward march came in direct contact in Gandhara art and worked out artistic sculptures and other art forms.
The Great Plains, occupied by the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, are cut through by the eastward flows and have become a great prairie supporting cattle ranching and wheat cultivation.