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easterner / житель Востока, житель восточной части США
имя существительное
житель Востока
Oriental, Eastern, easterner
житель восточной части США
имя прилагательное
Oriental, eastern, east, easterly, eastward, easterner
имя существительное
a native or inhabitant of the east, especially of the eastern US.
Howe is an easterner and a city dweller, not a townsman.
He was an easterner who traveled in the West and, through his illustrations, defined it for Americans and for the world.
Yucca is not as safe as an easterner might suspect.
I do not know how a modern ad agency would choose to create a visual image of the typical easterner , but the stereotype will not be holding a fly rod or wearing skis.
I was reminded of what Rudyard Kipling once said: A westerner can be friendly without being intimate while an easterner tends to be intimate without being friendly.
The values of easterners and westerners showed remarkable consistency through time.
We know, though, that we will always be easterners in a midwestern culture that accepts outsiders but does not exactly embrace them.
This is hardly enough to wreck havoc on the job market, considering an estimated 0.2% of current EU residents are easterners already.
As a result, a line can be drawn through the middle of Libya dividing Arabs into easterners and westerners, who differ in language, customs, and cuisine.
When they encountered opposition, they accused easterners of intruding into their local business.