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eastern / восточный
имя прилагательное
Oriental, eastern, east, easterly, eastward, orient
имя прилагательное
situated in the east, or directed toward or facing the east.
eastern Long Island
living in or originating from the east, in particular the regions or countries lying to the east of Europe.
an Eastern monk
The eastern and western musical forms then combined in pieces by West Wales composer Peter Stacey.
The term La Niña refers to the extensive cooling of the central and eastern Pacific.
Tens of thousands of people flocked to Heaton Park at the weekend for a feast of eastern culture.
The heatwave which for days has enveloped eastern America is about to explode.
For research purposes, I'm looking for books on eastern magic practices and culture.
Maybe some in eastern Oklahoma, and Mississippi and Tennessee may get some storms as well.
It then appears very low in the eastern sky at about an hour and a half before sunrise.
Today was like any other day in the life of a Flu victim living in a traditional eastern family.
The Andes form a barrier to the eastern margin of the South Pacific anticyclone.
For observers in Europe, the Moon will be low in the sky, just above the eastern horizon.