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easterly / восточный
имя прилагательное
Oriental, eastern, east, easterly, eastward, orient
с востока
east, easterly
на восток
east, eastward, easterly, eastwardly
к востоку
east, to the east, eastward, eastwards, easterly
имя существительное
восточный ветер
east wind, east, easterly
имя прилагательное
in an eastward position or direction.
the captain ordered an easterly course
имя существительное
a wind blowing from the east.
The jet streams, the trade winds, westerlies, polar easterlies and other global and local winds all help to give the planet distinct zones, from polar or temperate to Mediterranean or tropical.
Within an hour we were standing on a torn up area of turf being blasted by a strong north easterly .
The Capricorn Corsair drove through the smooth harbour water before the steady easterly that flowed seaward on summer nights.
Once the kayakers had rounded the peninsular, they were protected from the seasonal north easterly .
Christmas Day itself generally dawns grey, with an easterly blustering off the Pacific, but it doesn't matter!
The car continued to rotate a full 380 degrees before crashing into a nearby solarium facing in an easterly direction.
Although the met office had warned of a mean north easterly topping out at force five, wind never topped a four in the gusts and generally settled into a two to three routine.
As for the wind dispersion, the prevailing winds are mostly easterly .
In Namibia, conditions turned from easterly bergwinds to strong south westerly winds and the temperature dropped like a brick.
The object continued to move easterly directly along side of the interstate for several miles, so they followed speeding along the highway at 85 mph, as darkness began to fall.
Barbados' easterly location and position at 13 degrees latitude gave it comparative advantages for the growing and production of sugar cane.