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easily / легко, без труда, свободно
easily, easy, light, readily, with ease, lightly
без труда
easily, readily
free, freely, loose, loosely, easily, naturally
far, lot, by far, easily, miles, farther
much, far, more, lot, most, easily
without difficulty or effort.
he climbed the mountain easily
without doubt; by far.
English is easily the reigning language in the financial world
But that margin could easily have been a lot more such was the manner in which he came home after the last.
Jones shrugged easily as he picked his guitar up and pulled the strap over his head proudly.
he climbed the mountain easily
The disused railway line makes the bog and surrounding areas easily accessible from both ends.
Remarkably calm and reminding him of himself, she just shrugged and responded easily .
She said these areas if developed and easily accessible would surpass in its attraction any known tourist spot in the state.
Fibreglass was commonly used in public sculptures some years ago but it was found to break easily and colours faded quickly on it.
Trust can be broken easily and takes enormous effort to rebuild.
Though he enjoyed the rush of combating the enemy, his body tired of it easily .
It is also true that some children are supersensitive, easily offended, and quickly angered.