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easel / мольберт, пюпитр, подставка
имя существительное
music stand, lectern, desk, easel, music rack, reading-desk
stand, rack, pedestal, support, coaster, easel
имя существительное
a self-supporting wooden frame for holding an artist's work while it is being painted or drawn.
The show is also a wonderful time to watch artists set up easels and paint for the crowds or sign posters and books.
Churchill, a frequent guest, often relaxed there with his easel and paints, while Rex Whistler contributed decorative murals.
Here exhibited for the first time, it depicts a painting on an easel and a bird on the wing, the easel representing the artist and the bird in flight the liberating act of painting.
Her friends at the club would take turns posing in front of the easel , while Grotte and other art club members painted them.
Hal Meah, a sketch artist who set up his easel at the fairs on our route, taught me how to draw.
All of it is made possible by the creative energy that is released each time Thomas sits at his easel to paint.
They are shown in a large room, surrounded by other characters, including the artist himself, who stands at his easel .
The easel is set diagonally to the right of the stool, just as the artist has his easel in Allegory of Painting.
Abby nodded and grabbed the camera she usually used, and Chris followed her with an easel and some oil paints.
The artist's easel , paint box, palettes, paintbrushes and dried tubes of paint occupied a corner.
With a huge white canvas on the easel before them, artists were called, one by one randomly, given a minute to convey his idea by a deft stroke in his chosen colour.