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earwig / уховертка
имя существительное
имя существительное
a small elongated insect with a pair of terminal appendages that resemble pincers. The females typically care for their eggs and young until they are grown.
He published papers illustrating discontinuous variation in floral symmetry and in terminal forceps of earwigs and the hornlike processes seen in certain male beetles.
eavesdrop on a conversation.
he looked behind him to see if anyone was earwigging
Our venue is on Charlotte Street, where the tables are placed close enough for you to earwig on each other's ideas for another makeover series.
He's looking a little distracted, as he's trying to earwig on the Edge's conversation.
After the conference speeches are over, I drift around the hotel bars earwigging on conversations.
A malfunction is being blamed for some callers being able to listen in to other people's calls - and presumably, other people earwigging into their conversations.
Quite often when we chat about not-specifically-work-things, Jim earwigs and contributes.
These stories have little basis in fact, although earwigs have been known to cause a mildly painful bite when sat upon or handled.
Even earwigs can be useful because they eat aphids, codling moth eggs and the red spider mite.
Random people preceding me were confronting various BBC folk and questioning them, and I dutifully earwigged .
Earwigging on the crew, we heard nothing but praise.
In the above situation it is quite appropriate to look the other way whilst earwigging and they will pretend you can't hear their conversation.