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earthward / по направлению к земле
по направлению к земле
earthward, earthwards
имя прилагательное
направленный к земле
earthbound, earthward
toward the earth.
we can watch the parachute as it drifts earthward
The next, he's hurtling earthward from a precarious platform 50 meters above the ground.
With shrill twittering, the birds tumbled earthward , suddenly landing among the flint-stones.
Shimoyo hurtled towards the mirror-like surface of the lake in an out-of-control earthward plunge.
It's like an electron avalanche, he says, that can flood up toward the ionosphere or slide earthward , depending on the electric field direction.
A Zero careened sharply, smoking, and its engine reduced to a mere whine as it plummeted earthward .
Sunny wings sprang open and bore him in a steep glide earthward , down past sheer cliffs spangled with bright alpine flowers and stunted scrub.
The ball headed earthward toward me and knocked my cap off back over my head with a quick knock to the bill.
Yet as the last colored leaves, varnished with the first rains of winter, fall earthward , the deciduous trees bare their sinewy musculature for all the world to look upon.
What remains of the balloon after burst is dragged earthward by the descending near spacecraft.
The violent storm, with its 70-mile-per-hour winds, tore loose the airship's control cabin, which plummeted earthward like a boulder.