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earthly / земной, суетный, прозаический
имя прилагательное
terrestrial, earthly, worldly, earthy, mundane, terrain
vain, earthly, fleshly
prosaic, prosaical, prosy, pedestrian, unimaginative, earthly
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the earth or human life on the earth.
water is liquid at normal earthly temperatures
used for emphasis.
there was no earthly reason why she should not come too
She had been turned human again, though how, she had no earthly idea.
So - what is weather other than this incessant change of earthly conditions and all the human thoughts, feelings and undertakings influenced by it?
Humans and other earthly life forms evolved within the protective shell of the magnetosphere and the atmosphere, shielded from most of the harmful solar and cosmic radiation.
Redemption, as C. S. Lewis, noted, works backwards, not annihilating history but transforming it's earthly and eternal meaning and impact.
After his funeral, after going through his things, his earthly possessions, in the sealed apartment, I hadn't wanted to do anything but sleep for a long time and not dream.
There are the voices of the economy; they call out that earthly riches are of infinite value.
It remains gloriously aloof from man's bitter quarrels, soaring, with a heavenly grace, beyond earthly feuds.
There's no other earthly reason to be disappointed.
There is no earthly reason for you to call it a day.
In short, Luther did not imagine, at least in earthly world before the end of time, some Utopia free of violence.