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earshot / близко
close, near, closely, nearly, nearby, earshot
имя существительное
предел слышимости
earshot, hearing
имя существительное
the range or distance over which one can hear or be heard.
she waited until he was out of earshot before continuing
They let everyone within earshot know that they want their meal and they want it right away.
They waited until they thought he was out of earshot before they started talking.
He will tell it to anyone who is in earshot and who he thinks can exert influence.
I looked around and saw Josh flipping through the channels on the tv, out of earshot .
I live within earshot of the airfield and get an enormous thrill from hearing and watching the activities on the airfield.
she waited until he was out of earshot before continuing
When I felt he was out of earshot , I burst into a fit of laughs and Danny did the same.
Kirstie found herself wishing fervently that she was within earshot of the others.
There's something I want to talk with you about while Tim is conveniently out of earshot at the back of the stage.
Waiting 'til her daughter was out of earshot , she aimed her anger and resentment at Mitch.