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earpiece / наушник, шлемофон, дужка очков
имя существительное
earphone, earpiece, earmuff, earflap
дужка очков
имя существительное
the part of a telephone, radio receiver, or other aural device that is applied to the ear during use.
And when riders do get away, the others hear all about it in their radio earpieces .
the part of a pair of glasses that fits around the ear.
In the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons of England is a silver nose, painted pink, affixed to a pair of wire earpieces .
His voice echoed in the telephone's earpiece , ‘What happened, did you finally get to meet them?’
Ari inserted his tiny radio earpiece and donned his helmet.
This means plugging an extension into the mobile phone and using an earpiece and a microphone.
I closed my eyes and took off my glasses, my hand automatically hooking the earpiece on the pocket of my coat.
For example, a wireless link between a cell phone and an earpiece supporting an audio link is currently available in the marketplace.
When it received text messages, a text-to-speech synthesiser played them into an earpiece .
One young man monitoring police frequencies on a futuristic little radio communicates to organizers via an earpiece attached to a cell phone.
The earpiece on his cell phone had rattled with the shout.
We were unofficially escorted from block to block, never seeming to be out of sight of someone with a radio and earpiece .
You need to attach the earpiece to get the radio to play, but you can also choose to ‘turn on the speaker’ if you want to share your music.