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earnings / прибыль, доход, заработок
имя существительное
profit, income, earnings, gain, return, benefit
income, revenue, earnings, proceeds, profit, yield
earnings, income, gain, emolument, gainings, makings
имя существительное
money obtained in return for labor or services.
These are a form of personal pension where links to earnings or length of service are tenuous.
Both companies are expected to announce strong earnings and dividend growth.
Both companies are valued at 13 times earnings and offer a similar dividend yield.
Therefore we must say that a stock derives its value from its dividends, not its earnings .
How much you pay towards your fees is dependant on your parents earnings and any assets your family may hold.
All divisions reported increased sales and either reduced losses or improved earnings .
export earnings
Their redundancy payments will be based on their earnings so the decision to strike would impact on these.
Shares in its leading companies have raced ahead, fuelled by prospects of rising export earnings .
he invested his earnings
He worked hard and sent much of his earnings to Pakistan for his young family.