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earnest / залог, задаток, серьезность
имя существительное
pledge, deposit, guarantee, bail, security, earnest
deposit, earnest, key money, handsel, hansel
seriousness, gravity, earnest, solemnity, demureness, severeness
имя прилагательное
serious, severe, grave, earnest, strong, heavy
sincere, genuine, candid, heartfelt, honest, earnest
convinced, dedicated, persuaded, strong, confirmed, earnest
имя прилагательное
resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction.
an earnest student
имя существительное
a thing intended or regarded as a sign or promise of what is to come.
the presence of the troops is an earnest of the world's desire not to see the conflict repeated elsewhere
It was a touching tribute never since accorded to any other author, and an earnest of the esteem in which he was held.
It is only through such earnest conversation that we can hope to approach clarity.
As he sliced bread for the meal Brother Danny chuckled at the intensely earnest youth.
In hushed, earnest tones, she spoke of the things her heart desired.
He was a very earnest and intense young man, whose character was in keeping with his guitar playing.
the very deliberateness of their disguise is an earnest of their real aloofness
In fact, I was quickly and forcibly won over by the band's earnest performance.
Basic errors are repeated time and again, despite fine words and earnest assurances to this committee.
As you may have already discovered - and if you have not, give it earnest thought - there is more to life than work.
But laughs are in short supply here: the tone is earnest , lightened only occasionally by very dry wit.