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earner / зарабатывающий деньги, доходное дело, получающий деньги
имя существительное
зарабатывающий деньги
доходное дело
получающий деньги
имя существительное
a person who obtains money in return for labor or services.
higher rates of income tax for high earners
Wine was viewed by some republics as a potential earner of hard currency, by others as useful barter.
For Indonesia in general, and Bali in particular, tourism has become a major foreign exchange earner and economic backbone.
Belly cargo transport is a huge earner for airlines particularly those using Jumbo and Boeing 777 aircraft such as British Airways.
a wage earner
While refereeing touch games is far from a lucrative money earner , SGT Vernon gets immense satisfaction from being out in the middle.
The seizures have disrupted the production of maize, Zimbabwe's staple food, and tobacco, the biggest foreign currency earner .
It's far worse; they're simply tacky rip-off merchants with a beady eye for the good earner .
As a matter of fact, I'm sure that in less time than a socialist system would take, that same earner could save up enough to go to a real doctor and be treated.
The department horticulture research officer said the area had the potential to become a major income earner .
The gameplay only generates revenue for the electrical companies used to recharge the phones, and is no great money earner for the operator.