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earn / зарабатывать, заслуживать, наработать
earn, make, gain, get, pull in, pull down
deserve, earn, be worth
turn out, earn
(of a person) obtain (money) in return for labor or services.
they earn $35 per hour
Thus people in positions of privilege or power must earn our trust, show they deserve it.
Most jobs that will earn you a good amount of money involve a fair bit of training.
Since then, how the Kents earn their money has been less clear, but it involves extensive world travel.
If an activity doesn't earn you money, or make you rich, then there is no value attached to it.
Furthermore, it seemed unlikely to earn him any significant money.
An advantage to choosing this account would be that he would know his money would not earn any interest in any month he were to make a withdrawal.
I would be working full-time soon, and that would earn me enough money to live with a roommate.
In real terms, low-income workers earn on average $120 less than they did in 1984, he claims.
This account did not attract interest, so the client monies did not earn interest while they remained in it.
It is claimed funeral workers are being forced to work long hours of overtime to earn a decent wage.